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Hidden Tang Damascus Blade

Hidden Tang Damascus Blade

The knife for sale in this listing is one of our hidden tang blades with a tooled leather sheath. It can be used for anything in the wilderness or otherwise. i.e. processing an animal, cooking, firewood, chopping, etc. Our knives are made from high carbon steel that holds its edge and will last you a lifetime if cared for.


Knife Material: 3/16" Twist Damascus with 1095, 15n20, and 80CRV2 cutting edge

Handle Material: Ringed Gidgee with leather spacer and brass guard

Sheath Material: 6-7oz leather.


The sheath is hand-tooled and hand-stitched with artificial sinew and dyed with leather dye, sealed with resolene. There is a welt (a strip of leather) stitched in-between layers to prevent the knife from cutting through the stitching. This is a vertical carry sheath.



Blade: 3 1/2"

Handle: 4 1/4"

Overall: 7 3/4"

Spine Thickness: 3/16"


These blades are high carbon steel and need to be oiled and cared for. Never let your blade sit in water, and be sure to wipe dry after getting it wet or dirty. Use food grade oil such as mineral oil to keep lightly oiled. If you're keeping your blade in its sheath for a long time without use, be sure to periodically take it out to clean/oil.


Warranty Info: If you need your blade resharpened or touched up, or if your stitching breaks/is cut you may mail it to me and I'll sharpen it, or re-stitch it for you. (USA Only)


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**International Buyers** ​Know your country's laws BEFORE you make a purchase. Some countries have stricter laws than others regarding shipping knives. I cannot know the laws of every country. Buy at your own risk!

    $350.00 Regular Price
    $262.50Sale Price
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